Smart and cost-effective Application Management

Your wishes

  • Have you got applications for which you have maintenance requirements and developments to fullfill?
  • Do you want a flat sum for one year support, including patches and evolutions?
  • But mostly, do you want your Application Manager available and responsive when you need it?

At your service

Application Management contracts are designed to prevent as well as respond quickly in case of problems. Our offer is based on two simple principles:

  • at least 2 people will be assigned to your application, even at low volumes
  • Most of the service is provided from our offices

These two principles allow us to pool our resources and therefore to be very flexible from an organizational point of view.

Skills and experience

  • For several years, we have been monitoring working servers and have scheduled out of hours support for some of our customers, we know what availability means!
  • We also host development and integration platforms to allow the client to have a single point of contact.
  • Our software engineering environment is systematically implemented to enable flexible allocation of our engineers and ensure secure developments.
  • As part of our R & D, we develop reusable (open source) libraries. We produce realistically ‘clean’ and factorized software, but we are also very aware of the impact of poor implementations on maintainability, costs and scalability of the software or application. But above all, of its impact on users!

Further details

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