Software Programmer at Cantor

It is a state of mind: spare the source code! The more source code there is, the harder it is to maintain and develop: we do not like bugs, neither for our customers nor for us. So we use a maximum of libraries and objects designs by retaining the most appropriate technologies. For the customer, it is also less development man.days and therefore more responsive support.

Our mantra is also to use advanced tools and development techniques or to maximize the technology capabilities of proven products without “tinkering”.

How do you work?

We obviously use an environment with all the management and archival source functions. Some archives are sometimes very old, so it allows us to review already used solutions, to compare them and to be inspired by them.

At the time of development “commit”, we discuss the impacts and the tests to perform – in team if needed. It is a kind of code review in which the starting point is the competence of each one, directed to efficiency. We call it informally “pragmatic quality”.

What are the benefits?

The satisfaction of doing something useful because it is sustainable and “clean”.

Cantor regularly hires apprentices who have been with us as part of their studies, and we all participate in their management: it is very instructive on both human and technical plans. You learn a lot in terms of cooperation, and this experience is very beneficial when we have to work with other Application Management teams for common customers to explain and distribute work.