Software Designer at Cantor?

Anticipation is the key. Anticipate technical issues, of course, but also the needs of users and of the customer: we often operate in situations where needs and business rules are not formalized. Whether the subject is complex or innovative, it necessarily makes it delicate for the customer to formalize.

We incorporate into our designs stability and functional scalability so that technology be at the service for users needs and not the reverse. From this point of view, the practice of open source allows us to quickly identify what can be reused and what can not.

How do you work?

We work as a team: one people makes the design, explains his choices to the dev team as he progresses. As we work on clearly identified and shared themes with common concerns, communication in the team is very fast and efficient, partly informal – apart from progress meetings with the client.

Flexibility: being aware allows us to adapt to schedule constraints. A colleague may join the team at development time as the main choices are known.

What are the benefits?

Both diversity and progress: diversity because one is aware of the other projects on which each one is mainly working; progress as our customers lead us to enhance our specialties.

And then true team work: solidarity and sharing of each one progress.