Software Architect at Cantor

It is to find the “right” solution to integrate the customer’s application into his information system. We do not see software architecture as a set of software interfaces: it is necessary to think of it, of course, but we must also think about the use of the information system dynamics, about data life cycle, about processes. It is essential that the software architecture and the functional architecture be compatible and consistent with the big picture. Sometimes, of course, we are forced to compromise: but this must be mastered and anticipated.

How do you work?

Generally speaking, we make a proposal to the client with deployment steps of the architecture: we have a long term vision but we are not compelled to build everything before the first delivery to the customer and its users.
We work with a whiteboard and some diagrams: 1st map, 2nd map, 3rd map. Then we challenge and evaluate them: what if business processes were to change, what if data volumes suddenly increased… Eventually the group regulates this process: at one point, everyone feels that it is time to stop, decide and go see the customer.

What are the benefits?

Individually : to learn to step back, not to have “your nose to the grindstone”. Learn to put yourself in the customer’s place as well.

Collectively learn trust, credibility. Initially, the client works with us on the initial scope. And then one day, we are asked for new things, sometimes unrelated to our mission: we watch for this day as a key indicator about the balance and the relevance of our proposals.