Projects and integration

It’s all about you

Have you got any software development project requiring some specific expertise?

  • MDM (Master Data Management)
  • Micro-Analysis  – Instrumentation
  • Video Imaging – Broadcast – Streaming

Are you aware of the costs of maintenance and change requests for your applications?

Robust architecture, efficient design

What is your business?
What are your needs?
What are your constraints?
Those questions are the starting point for fulfilling your goals.

To design your solution, we will combine functional and technical choices to achieve a realistic and practical level of quality fitting into your budget.

We will take responsibility for your project from the pilot to the commissioning steps as a team of engineers fully committed to your way. All the way long to the end, Cantor will promote simplicity and seriousness, look for savings as we know by experience it allows the development of robust and reliable solutions easier to maintain and evolve.


Skills and integration capacity

Our expertise and skills are based on a strong R & D strategy, born with Cantor, that enriches each of our areas of expertise. Our engineers consider the realistic possibility of integrating any environment, any technology, any software in a new context, and also the design, testing, delivery tools as well.

Moreover, everyone at Cantor is involved in R & D since his arrival.Experiments and good results improve mutual trust, facilitate effective and critical dissemination of good practices on projects. It very significantly increases motivation and productivity.

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