Mobile development

Mobile applications often become unavoidable: for mobility, of course, but also for cloud computing deployment. Yet all smartphone owners have already experimented a full-of-promises but disappointing application. To avoid this bad effect, you have to answer some questions while you are building the requirements:

  • Do you need a “responsive” website or an application?
  • Do you need a native application for each platform to reach a specific level of ergonomics, performance and security, or can you mitigate your development costs by using a multi-platform framework?
  • Should your application work offline? To what extent?
  • Generally speaking, what division between back-office and application?

The answers of all of these questions have a crucial impact on the costs and commissioning time and we can recommend the solution that balance your needs and economic constraints.

Cantor has long been mastering developments in hardware constrained environments, so we had the idea to carry out an internal benchmark of development tools based on application objectives.

We evaluated these points on different types of applications (image processing and video streaming by a dedicated back-office, a responsive website along with a MDM server with geopositioning, a business chat application, …) and on the main platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone).

Come see us for a demonstration of applications and understand how to choose among development solutions.