Master Data Management


Master Data Management (MDM) is the set of processes and software tools for managing repositories such as items repository, products (including replacement parts) or suppliers directories. The reactivity and outsourcing requirements of the Internet combined with the implementation of ERP made the MDM extremely critical in business: it is necessary to combine validity of the information, special cases, corporate policy and business organizations with high volumes of information as well as processing of referencing, publishing and management.

By his knowledge of this business domain and their related software packages, Cantor is able to implement solutions tailored to the context of his customers and totally scalable to cope with changes, adaptations that punctuate the life of the customer company.

Typical operations in MDM

  • we restore your data by developing conversion tools that can implement business rules to ensure consistency of your data models and facilitate the scale and commissioning,
  • we design your data model by taking advantage of your software package and by taking into account management requirements of work environments, organization of business cycles of validation as well as publication
  • We develop interfaces to your ERP system, your website or intranet to process administrative data or publishing ones
  • we control the XML libraries for image processing needed for the establishment of effective channels of multimedia publishing,
  • we assist your project owner for the preparation of terms of reference and specifications to identify your specific needs and meet your challenges,
  • on the IT side, we take care and implement the project management and the business deployment of your software package
  • Finally, we help you to set up your application TMA
  • And furthermore we are on your side all along the process earing your  business factors and anticipating the functional and technical issues

Reference Software Package

  • STEP released by Stibo
  • WPC released by IBM (also known as “MDM for PIM”)


Birdy framework, by Cantor

Learn more about Birdy.