Broadcast & news


It’s a sort of “suply chain management”. Not a manufacturing industry one but the kind which proceed and broadcast Radio / TV content until “on air” – including all management information (commercial rights, billing…). It must ensure the ongoing consistency of a stream that is prepared, published and eventually released. It is a temporal flow, very sensitive to the broadcaster while the users, who are often numerous, want to go backwards at any time with the guarantee that “IT” will arrange everything to avoid any accident “on air”.

Ensuring the functional unity of the content is the key to designing this type of software, even though users want to manage multiple versions (“on air” and “draft”) or to share the realization of chapters. Content management must be rigorous and providing reliability, flexibility and performance.

From a technical perspective, the challenge is to capture all kinds of signals or events in time: updates of content with impact on later versions, start/end of broadcast, launch of teleprompter or publicity, regional broadcast start-up.

Since its creation, Cantor has been involved in ambitious projects for Broadcast TV-Radio or movie editors.

Some typical interventions in the Broadcast field

  • We develop your ‘on-air’ event plug-in by integrating it into your central system programming
  • We develop textual or multimedia import-export modules toward your content publish system
  • We interface broadcast reports databases with your billing applications
  • We perform publication flows to specific equipments (TV-prompters, sound processors, external displays)
  • We create tools to consolidate and analyze broadcast reports


Imaging software operates in three ways:

  • Capturing and digitizing video images
  • Providing processing tools for images
  • Hosting a specialized application dedicated to a business domain

Cantor operates all three