Welcome to Cantor!

Cantor is a service and computer engineering company founded in 1996, which consists of 12 people and 5 partners. Cantor is run and managed by its founder Philippe Finkel since its creation.

Cantor offers two types of services:

    • Software development and value added integration projects in the field of
      • Master Data Management (MDM) including software editors partnership,
      • Microanalysis and Instrumentation (electronic devices),
      • Image, Video and broadcast/streaming
    • “Smart and cost-effective” third party maintenance, even at low volume, based on stable, pragmatic and skilled teams.

We specialize in software engineering and data processing, including massive bulk or time-constrained processes. Our software designs integrate effectively your business needs and your hardware environments.

R&D is one key point of Cantor’s strategy and we are developing Assets to share the expertise of our operations, expertise that is acknowledged by our clients and our partners.

Teamwork is another basis of our identity: our engineers work together, collaborate and implement our expertise with the common concerns of relevance for the client, efficient and cost-effective efforts in the medium and long-term range.

Last but not least, we stay at the client’s side all along the process, listening to his business items to anticipate both functional and technical issues.