3C : the second edition

Cantor is 20 years old ! To celebrate, the company launched its 3C, “Café Conviviaux de Cantor”, meaning pleasant coffee of Cantor. One way for us to bond with our partners, clients, teams. The second metting took place in our facilities, the 22th of june, with around 30 participants.
You can find here our memo about the first edition.

What was planned ?

– 18h40 | “The quality of data in the microanalysis’ world”, by Denis Boivin, in charge of the laboratory Castaing at l’ONERA.

– 19h30 | “The R&D at Cantor : Companion”, by Maxime, Cantor’s engineer

Maxime presented a concrete example of the R&D at Cantor, through the Companion. This tool is working with STEP, from StiboSystems.

– 20h10 | “The Faked News”, game hosted by Véronique Bessonnat. She asked the participants to make teams and to imagine the most credible Faked news that they can. Then we voted for the most believable. Two teams won some bottles of wine.

– 20h30 | The evening ended around a buffet, where we tasted some food and wine from our wine seller, Thierry.

We wanted to thank again Denis, Véronique, Maxime and Thierry for their participation during this second edition.

Which themes would you like us to discuss next time ?

*the Faked News are false information which could be read mostly on some medias.