Application Management at Cantor

Application Management: debunking misconceptions.

In Cantor, Application Management is not an “End-of-Life” service but is rather an opportunity to improve functional and technical quality in applications.

First, when you entrust us with your application, we install an infrastructure that automates supervision and delivery processes. Initial audit results already lead to value added information for you about reliable delivery processes.

Then we assign at least two people being in charge of your application, even for a low workload. For us, it improves flexibility and sets up a guarantee of responsiveness and safety. The production’s line is enriched with automated testing to reduce the risk of regression.

Upon taking control of your application, our team will set a plan up for pragmatic preventive maintenance that will give you numbers in the possibilities of evolution and maintenance of your application. You will know in advance the maintainability of your application.

The only thing left is to understand what this application means for you, what you want to do with it: we do it at the pre-sales stage! Before anything else, we will study your needs and reformulate your problem.

You hired inefficient or oversized Application Managers, with no value added results, and you see it as just forced costs?
Contact us: we start at 50 annual man-days.

Do you want to see how we work?
Come to Charenton see our tools.

We will give you some references among our customers that use our Application Management services and will introduce you so that you can speak directly with them.